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Dr. Julio Argüello

Radiation Oncology

Extensive experience in radiosurgery and radiotherapy treatments. Expert in treatments for lung injuries (treatment for multiple clinical studies of this disease). Extensive knowledge in radiation treatments successfully treating non-malignant lesions, multiple lesions and various types of tumors.

Academic education

Specialist in Radiation Oncology

University of Costa Rica/Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social and Catalan Institute of Oncology. Barcelona, Spain. Agreement International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) | 2007-2011

Training Stay Functional Oncology Units

Catalan Institute of Oncology | 2010

Master Advanced Technological Applications in Radiation Oncology/Intraoperative Radiotherapy

University of Murcia-Madrid Institute of Oncology/Gregorio Marañón General University Hospital. Madrid Spain. 2010-2011

International Master in Clinical Oncology

Spanish Society of Radiation Oncology and Spanish Society of Clinical Oncology/Francisco de Vitoria University. Madrid Spain. | 2015-2017

International Master in Radiosurgery Techniques of the Central Nervous System

Complutense University of Madrid | 2017-2018

Master Neoplasms of the Thoracic Cavity

Alfonso X El Sabio University, Madrid, Spain| 2021-2022

Expert Title in Radiosurgery and Stereotaxic Body Radiotherapy in Intra and Extracranial Tumors

Francisco de Vitoria University. Spanish Society of Radiation Oncology-SEOR | 2023-2024

Fellowship in Prostatic Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance

Spanish Society of Medical Radiology-SERAM. UROIMA | 2024

Work experience

Hospital Mexico, San José de Costa Rica

Assistant Physician Specialist in Radiotherapy. Department of Hemato-Oncology | 2011 - Current

Specialist Assistant Physician

21st Century Radiotherapy Medical Center | 2011 - Current

Postgraduate Professor of Radiation Oncology

University of Costa Rica/CENDEISSS- CCSS | 2012 - Current

Medical Specialist in Radiosurgery and Stereotaxic Body Radiotherapy.

Costa Rican Cancer Center/Chavarria Imaging Center. | 2019 - Current

Professor Master in Medical Physics

National University of Costa Rica| 2018 - 2022

Multidisciplinary Oncology Group

Hospital Clínica Biblica| 2023 - Current

Thoracic Tumors Unit Coordinator of the Radiotherapy Service

Mexico Hospital

Medical Advisory

Astra Zeneca | 2015 - Current